• Keep track of your gym progress

    Ensure progression and reach your goals by following set weights and total work done in an entire workout routine or a single exercise by using the workout journals.

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  • Create informative workout routines quickly and easily

    Examine your workout routine’s total load, workout load and muscle specific load easily by using the workout routine editor.

    Create as many workout routines as you want or copy them from other users and use then as a base for making your own.

    Choose exercises from the exercise library that contains over 800 different exercises.

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  • Follow your weight in graph and table format

    By setting a target weight you will get instant feedback of how the diet is going and how realistic chances you have in reaching your goals.

    Input your weight in kilograms or pounds as often as you like.

    Weight journal also supports the input of kilocalories, so the correlation between weight and the amount of energy expended can be easily followed.

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  • Find the right exercises

    Browse the exercise library by clicking body parts and muscles or by using the powerful and versatile search engine.

    Learn the proper lifting technique for exercises by watching videos and images.

    Examine the muscle specific load for each exercise.

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  • Meet the other members on forums

    Discuss about workout routines, exercises, dieting etc.

    Tell your ideas and read the latest development news.

    Reach the admins and get help with anything.

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