Building a mobile application for Gymling

I decided to start building a mobile application for Gymling! :)

I’m coding it with PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile, Backbone.js and RequireJS so when it’s ready, it will run on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm WebOS, Bada and Symbian.

The first version will only have three features:

  • logging in
  • browsing workout routines
  • adding workout journal entries

Currently I have the local login (not facebook login) working on my Samsung Galaxy S2. Next step will be to get a list of user’s workout routines.

I’ll keep you updated!

Update 1 – 08.10.2012:

Here’s what the login screen looks like at the moment. Changing language also works but I haven’t got Android to persist the WebView cookies yet so restarting the program will default the locale.

Update 2 – 09.10.2012:

Coded a bit more and got the workout routines into a list:

Update 2 – 18.10.2012:

Facebook login works!