Emails flagged as spam (sähköpostit merkitty spammiksi)

Today I noticed that the emails sent from were flagged as spam on some hosts. I found the problem and fixed it, but despite of this new users should check their spam boxes!

…and in finnish:

Huomasin tänään, että -osoitteesta lähetetyt sähköpostit merkitään spammiksi joissain sähköpalveluissa. Löysin ongelman ja korjasin sen, mutta tästä huolimatta suosittelen uusia käyttäjiä tarkastamaan spam-laatikonsa!

YouTube videos in Google index

Whee! YouTube videos are now starting to show next to the search results in Google:

Here’s what I did:

Couple of useful links:

Remember that indexing can take a while (even weeks)!

Rich snippets and ratings

Created rating system and rich snippets for exercises, routines and weight journals! :) This is also a part of my SEO attemps, because Gymling’s visibility on Google is still pretty low. Here are couple urls that helped me a lot:

Youtube embedded videos are still not showing on Google search results. I’m pretty this is because they are not hosted on my server. I have a plan for this also, but more on that later :)