Front page improvements with jCarousel

Yesterday I decided to update the front page so that new visitors can instantly see what’s going on inside the service. Today I got it all working and deployed the new improvements to

I used the same component (jcarousel) as in the horizontal scroller on the front page. At first I had a lot of problems to get the size of the scrolling elements right, but after I reverted all of the changes that I had made to its default css (jcarousel.css) file and started from scratch, things started to work again. I restyled the scrollers one element at the.

Check it out at

New feature: site search

I added this new small feature to Gymling today hoping it will help the users to find relevant content more easily. I took Google’s custom search (standard edition) into use since the layout is familiar to most of the users. It was also really easy to implement.

Try it at: (or if you’re Finnish)… or click the search icon on the top right corner!