Guerilla marketing

It seems my guerilla marketing got a few people interested :) I also added a Gymling to ArcticStartup:

It’s great to see people signing up and creating new workout routines! Thanks a lot!

After seeing this happening I added missing videos to the exercises people were using in their routines. I’ll of course continue to do so in the future :) I also found one bug in the new tip added yesterday and got rid of it.

Small bug fixes

Last week I tried to get a few tasks done every day:

  • Drawed couple of muscles (using Inkscape):
    • deep hip external rotators
    • subscapularis
    • hip abductors
  • small styling
  • improved backup scripts
  • fixed cache busting logic when a new user is created
  • added missing T() methods for voting plugin and translated a few missing words
  • changed voting plugin login redirect in menu.js when a non logged user is trying to vote a message
  • added new videos for all of the exercises in 3-way workout routine.

Fixed a small bug in workout routines page: the radio buttons were triggering multiple onChange events. In the future the radio buttons will work so that when a specific workout is selected the load will be actually calculated per muscle. Currently it work so that the muscles not targeted in the workout are only hidden.

Changed the search to fully case insensitive. In ruby this requires some extra work since the downcase method only targets to ASCII characters. Luckily I found ruby-unicode gem :)

Added a simple tip for workout routine voting buttons. I’m still using the old qtip but might upgrade it to the latest version soon. published!

Gymling is now unofficially published!

I was checking my task list yesterday around 6 pm and because there were only a few critical issues I just decided to unofficially publish the site rightaway :) Everything went smoothly untill I noticed that Facebook had changed their javascript library urls from to :(

Everything else looks pretty good now and the crawlers are indexing the site nicely (based on the logs I’v been monitoring).

I’ll start advertising the site more after all of the critical issues have been resolved.